Fertilizers - 50 Lbs.

All fertilizers in this category are in 50 Lb. bags.  Smaller containers of some fertilizers can be found by clicking here.

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8-4-16 w/ 2% Iron - Centipede Fertilizer

Specially formulated for Centipede from the Grass Guru's at NCSU. Low Nitrogen combined with added iron to give you the green you want. High potash to assure good root development.

6-6-18 Tobacco Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

Contains Micronutrients that are not included in most fertilizers. Good for use in Centipede and the best fertilizer for grape vines.

10-10-10 Lawn and Garden Fertilizer - 50 lbs.

The most popular general purpose fertilizer we sell. Great for gardens and if you have a mix of different grasses in your lawn.

5-10-10 Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

A good Garden fertilizer. Use where nitrogen is not a high priority.

10-20-20 Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

When you want more of all the good stuff ! The preferred fertilizer for Ft. Bragg

5-10-30 Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

A great fertilizer for new Sod!

0-0-20 Winterizer Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

Straight potash used primarily as a winterizer for your grass. Sends extra energy to the root system to help prevent winter damage and store up energy for good green up in the spring.

Pellet Lime - 40 Lbs. (Granular)

An easy method of correcting soil acidity and replacing calcium in soils leached by rainfall.