Fruit Trees

Here's the listing of Fruit trees we stock in the Spring planting season!

 Early Spring is recommended for plant establishment.


Apples - Standard Grapes Black Berries
Red Delicious Fry (F-Bronze) Apache (Thornless)
Dwf. Peach Summit (F-Bronze) Arapahoe (Thornless)
Red Haven Scuppernong (F-Bronze) Navaho (Thornless)
Belle of Georgia Higgins (F-Bronze) Triple Crown (Thornless)
Cherry Hunt (F-Black) Raspberry
Bing Jumbo (F-Black) Dorman Red Raspberry
Black Tartarian Black Frye (F-Black) Black Raspberry
BlueBerry Noble (S-F Black) Pecan
Tif Blue Cowart (S-F Black) Cape Fear
Southland Dixieland (S-F Bronze) Stuart
Climax Carlos (S-F Bronze)
Powderblue Magnolia (S-F Bronze)
Premier Albemarle ( S-F Blue)
Brightwell Triumph (S-F Bronze)
Plums Doreen (S-F Bronze)
Burbank Nesbit ( S-F Blue)
Blue Damson Southland ( S-F Black)
Pears Magoon ( S-F Black)
Bartlett Bunch Grape
Asian Orient Concord (Blue)
Figs Deleware (Red)
Texas Everbearing Niagra (White)
Celeste Catawba (Red)
Brown Turkey Mars (Blue)
Pomegranate Reliance (Red)
Seedless Grape
Lakemont (White)
Concord (Blue)
Flame (Red)
Hemrod (White)