Fruit Trees

Here's the listing of Fruit trees we stock in the Spring planting season!

Early Spring is recommended for plant establishment.

Apples - StandardGrapesBlack Berries
Red DeliciousFry (F-Bronze)Apache (Thornless)
Dwf. PeachSummit (F-Bronze)Arapahoe (Thornless)
Red HavenScuppernong (F-Bronze)Navaho (Thornless)
Belle of GeorgiaHiggins (F-Bronze)Triple Crown (Thornless)
CherryHunt (F-Black)Raspberry
BingJumbo (F-Black)Dorman Red Raspberry
Black TartarianBlack Frye (F-Black)Black Raspberry
BlueBerryNoble (S-F Black)Pecan
Tif BlueCowart (S-F Black)Cape Fear
SouthlandDixieland (S-F Bronze)Stuart
ClimaxCarlos (S-F Bronze)
PowderblueMagnolia (S-F Bronze)
PremierAlbemarle ( S-F Blue)
BrightwellTriumph (S-F Bronze)
PlumsDoreen (S-F Bronze)
BurbankNesbit ( S-F Blue)
Blue DamsonSouthland ( S-F Black)
PearsMagoon ( S-F Black)
BartlettBunch Grape
Asian OrientConcord (Blue)
FigsDeleware (Red)
Texas EverbearingNiagra (White)
CelesteCatawba (Red)
Brown TurkeyMars (Blue)
PomegranateReliance (Red)
Seedless Grape
Lakemont (White)
Concord (Blue)
Flame (Red)
Hemrod (White)