Hydroseeding Supplies & Materials

Most hydroseeders that are commercially available for rent are equipped with a 600 gal. tank that will typically cover about 1/6 of an acre (7,260 sqft.).

Hydromulch – 5 bales per 600 gal. tank (x 6 tanks = 30 Bales/acre)

20-20-20 Water Soluble fertilizer – 4 bags per acre

Liquid Lime – 5 gal. per acre

Tackifier – 3 Lbs. per acre

Approximate cost for these materials break down to about $629.00 per acre (Before Seed).

(Based on costs as of 7/2/18)

Why Hydroseed ?

Hydroseeding is typically used when fast germination of the seed is a must.  Germination percentages on hydroseeding are typically higher for a couple of reasons.  First, there’s a good amount of water that is dispersed with the seed and just the fact that the seed has been soaked in the tank prior to application helps the germination of the seed.  Second, the hydromulch and tackifier help to bind the seed with the fertilizer and lime to insure a more thorough application of all the materials necessary to create a more favorable environment for germination.  It is also beneficial if you are seeding on a slope or a ditch where seed tends to wash away or move because of a steep grade.  The hydromulch and tack will help to hold the seed in place while germination occurs.

Is it economical to hydroseed my yard ?

Hydroseeding is more expensive than traditional broadcast seeding primarily because of the additional necessary binding agents and the cost of the application equipment.  Therefore, it may not be feasible to hydroseed in a residential setting.  Most hydroseed applications are done for larger tracts where the expense can be spread out over more acres.