Ice Melter and Sleds

Picture of Halite Ice Melter - 50 Lbs.

Halite Ice Melter - 50 Lbs.

Works down to 5 degrees F/-15 degrees C. Fast melting: contains large and small Sodium Chloride crystals for greater speed and longevity. Does not leave oily residue.

Picture of Mega Snow Glider Sled

Mega Snow Glider Sled

Plastic Sled measuring 66" Long and 23" Wide. Ideal for several Smaller children or 1 good sized adult. Available in Blue Only.

Picture of Round Snow Disc Sled

Round Snow Disc Sled

Plastic Disc measuring 26" accross. Ideal for Smaller children or 1 small adult. Available in 3 colors.

Picture of Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel with 36" fiberglass D handle.

Picture of Winter Lightning Snow Sled

Winter Lightning Snow Sled

Plastic Sled measuring 48" Long and 18" Wide. Great sled for children. Available in 2 colors.