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Mega Snow Glider Sled

Plastic Sled measuring 66" Long and 23" Wide. Ideal for several Smaller children or 1 good sized adult. Available in Blue Only.

Winter Lightning Snow Sled

Plastic Sled measuring 48" Long and 18" Wide. Great sled for children. Available in 2 colors.

Round Snow Disc Sled

Plastic Disc measuring 26" accross. Ideal for Smaller children or 1 small adult. Available in 3 colors.

Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel with 36" fiberglass D handle.

Halite Ice Melter - 50 Lbs.

Works down to 5 degrees F/-15 degrees C. Fast melting: contains large and small Sodium Chloride crystals for greater speed and longevity. Does not leave oily residue.