Bulk seed sold the old fashioned way !

Vegetable seed sold by the ounce.  Fresh seed available year round for just about anything you'd want to put in your garden!

Here's what's currently in stock

Seed Potatoes:  Red, White and Yukon Gold

Onion Sets (salad Onions): Yellow, White and Red

Yellow and White onions in bundles (30/bundle)

Beet - Detroit Dark RedKohlrabi - Early White ViennaRadish
BroccoliLettuceCherry Belle
Rabb Fall RapiniBlack Seeded SimpsonEarly Scarlet Globe
Italian GreenButtercrunchwhite Icicle
Brussel SproutsGreat LakesWhite Tipped Scarlet
Long IslandIceburgRutabaga -American Purple Top
CabbageMesculin MixSpinach
All SeasonOak Leaf, GreenDark Green Bloomsdale
Charleston Large WakefieldRomaineHybrid 7
Chieftain SavoyMustardSquash
Chinese MichihiliFlordia BroadleafBlack Zucchini
Early Jersey WakefieldOld FashionEarly Prolific Straightneck
CantaloupeSouthern Giant CurledEarly Summer Crookneck
BananaMustard-Spinach SaladEnterprise Hybrid
Edisto #47OkraTable Queen
Genuine RockfordClemson SpinelessTurk's Turban
Hale's Best JumboPepperEarly White Bush
CarrotBananaWaltham Butternut
Chantenay Red CoreCalifornia WonderSwiss Chard
CollardsHungarian Hot WaxLucullus
Morris HeadingJalapenoRainbow
SouthernLong Red CayenneTomato
CucumberPopcornHomestead 24
CalypsoHybridSouth American YellowJubilee
National PicklingIndianMarglobe
Poinsett 76PumpkinRutgers
SpacemasterBig MaxTurnip
Eggplant - Black BeautyConnecticut FieldJust Right Hybrid
GourdJack-Be-LittlePurple Top Globe
BirdhouseMammoth GoldSeven Top
DipperWhite Egg
Ornamental MixWatermelon
KaleCharleston Gray
Dwarf SiberianCongo
SmoothCrimson Sweet
CornFlordia Giant Cannonball
Silver QueenJubilee
BodaciousSugar Baby
Golden Queen
Kandy Korn
Honey Select
Truckers Favorite
How Sweet It Is
Beans and Peas
Wando Garden Peas
Roma Flat Pod Bush Snap Beans
Mammoth Melting Edible Pod Flat
Dwf Gray Sugar Flat Edible
Super Sugar Snaps Edible Pod
Cherokee Wax Bush Beans
Top Crop Bush Snap Bean
Dixie White Bush Butter Bean
White Half Runner Beans
Blue Lake Stringless Pole Bean
Fordhook Bush Lima Bean
Giant Calico Lima
King of the Garden Pole Lima
Willow Leaf Pole Lima
Burpee Improved Bush Lima
Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean
Tenderette Bush Snap Bean
Kentucky Wonder Bush Snap Bean
Contender Bush Snap Bean
Blue LAkeBush Snap Bean
Bountiful Flat Pod Bush Bean
Henderson Bush Lima Bean
Bridgeton Bush Lima Bean
Woods Prolific Bush Lima Bean
Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean
Early Alaska Garden Pea
Laxton Progress Garden Pea
Green Arrow Garden Pea
Pinkeye Purple Hull Crowder Pea