Upcoming Events

All of our Seminars are free and open to the public.


Saturday, February 23rd @ 10 AM

Hal Broadfoot

All About Birds

From What to feed to what kind of birds to look for in our area

and everything in between!  Hal has been a bird brain since he

was knee high to a yellow finch and loves to talk birds!


Saturday, March 2 @ 10 AM

Jason Weathington

Cumberland County Horticultural Agent

(and all around Horticultural know-it-all)

Topic:  Turf

Everything grass!  What's best to plant - How to take care of it - what to do with all those weeds!


Saturday, March 16th @ 10 AM

Bryce Lane

Host of In The Garden with Bryce Lane on PBS

And General Garden Guru across the fruited plains!

Container Gardening

If your space is limited or you want to have better control of your growing conditions, conntainers are the way to go.  Bryce will cover growing vegetables, flowers and anything else you can put in a pot!